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Caribbean Touch Fingerless Gloves for Women

August 25, 2016 - Comment
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Ga. B says:

like a charcoal gray I ordered the Gray #2 color, and it is actually a lot darker than in the picture: like a charcoal gray. The gloves are made of a yarn that gets fuzzy over time, so do consider that. But for 4 dollars, they are really warm and look great. I would rate them five stars if they were made of a material that would not grow fuzzy over time.

Lakin says:

Don’t waste your money! I received these gloves expecting gloves, not tube socks with holes. These are very poorly made, have stitching mistakes everywhere, and my arms turned red and itchy once putting them on, not to mention the gross smell along with all of that. Do not waste your money!

kristine says:

Five Stars Love it!! Would buy again from them

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