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Dumb Sayings…..Caribbean ppl

August 8, 2016 - Comment


Kadisha Rodriguez says:

You suppose to be repping trini not bringing us down…u must kno wen ppl
get big and forget where they come from

Stephanie Felix says:

This “Boy” needs to seriously learn a lot of things about his culture
before he starts to talk about dumb things Caribbean people say. Some
things he is criticizing were being said before the Caribbean was even
inhabited by English speaking persons. He needs to listen to or read the
words of Miguel Browne about the Trinidadian language and culture before he
start to talk about dumb. There is no excuse for his ignorance and living
out of the country has made him even more ignorant.

Jami Hayes says:

Gosh man! I don’t like him he STUPID!!!

Keisha Warden says:

How are you going in on your own people??? Js because West Indians and
Caribbean’s talk with an accent don’t mean they say stupid things… This 8
min video was one big constriction because you js said you are
Trinidadian… My family and myself are West Indian and they too have a
accent but trust they are far from stupid and they say a lot of the things
you tried to boast about in ya video… U foolie

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