Soca Bacchanal | Things Caribbean Added Daily


J. B. Macklin says:

Socca Fantastic!!!!!!!!! If this title ever becomes available, GET IT!!!!!!!! This is classic Byron Lee and the Dragonaires. From the first, till the last, you wine, Wine, WINE…..Natty, NATTY!!!!!! YES…..

Jonathon Doran says:

My favorite soca album I originally purchased this on cassette from a street vendor in Jamaica, and missed the original CD release. I probably spend 10 years searching for a copy before I was lucky enough to get a used CD. I think at one point I offered $500 for a legit copy and was turned down. As mentioned in the title, this is my favorite soca CD. 

greco-roman says:

Classic Soca Some classic Soca tracks from Byron Lee & the Dragonaires. This is “old school” Soca from the early 90’s and might not appeal to a younger audience. Add a star for the CD cover photo!

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