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Achis says:

Soca Royal, Vibes Royal. . . (4.5stars) 

Brian M. Coffee says:

Not that good…. just ok …. I have to disagree with Achis who did the first review on this CD. I have to admit that we are listening to it with very different ears. Firstly I would like to say that I consider the golden age of reggae to be long gone. The artist on the scene are keeping it alive but the golden age which featured Marley, Tosh, Dennis Brown is the stuff that most true reggae fans love and long for. Today’s reggae is mostly dancehall stuff with lyrics that are as bad as American rap music. Sure, it’s highly…

Miss Gifts says:

IM THE WOMAN ON THIS ALBUM COVER! Sarah Gifts I am JAMAICAN mixed with chinese and indian. I love reggae music from all eras of reggae, soca, calypso music of the caribbean. The music from this album is the last of Byrons music and it should be appreciated of his many years of great work with his group traveling performing and entertaining his audience. I was glad to be on this amazing groups last album cover. I never got to meet them but growing up with the young generation of soca and reggae music I love the songs on this album. The…

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