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Dance Dance Dance says:

party time Even if you aren’t from the Carribbean you will love this cd. Get up and dance to the music and have fun with Byron Lee and his band.

A Customer says:

It’s Byron Lee but not his best… Any Byron Lee release is going to be good, and if you are new to soca, this is a great CD to buy. It contains the biggest songs of the year as well as a remake of Tiny Winey and an oldies medley. If you are like me however and have all the originals, it is not essential. The biggest thing that was missing was a great new song like “Jump Up”, “Brassline”, and “Soca Tatie” from the past few years. Good, but last year’s was better…

Anonymous says:

simply irresistable hey people, you have to have this cd. It is da bomb, i love RIVER, HORNING AND FALUMA. IF you want a party jumping just put on this cd. once again Byron Lee comes better than the year before.

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