Sparrow 4 | Things Caribbean Added Daily


Dr. Memory says:

Uneven, but oh, what heights There are a couple of cuts here that wouldn’t be out of place on the monumental Volume One, namely “Mae Mae (May May)” and (especially!) “Monica Dou Dou”. The rest is ordinary to solid pop songs. In particular, you get the feeling that Sparrow’s audience liked off-color lyrics, as Sparrow was apparently more than willing to provide them; at this remove, they’re not so much sly as tiresome. They also apparently were not afraid of misogyny, as this disc features a huge load of it, for which…

MDeezy says:

excellent Great Sparrow Music. Bought for my mother for christmas who grew up with this mans music. She really enjoyed it

Glenrose Tamesar says:

fantastic just great good music for my exercise.

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