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Things Caribbean People Say

August 8, 2016 - Comment


bajanviewer says:

Spot on! I’m from Barbados and “uh laff muh belly full” LOL!

Laurely Bamako says:

YOu sound Grenadian..OMG..Yes yes youre from the

Bachannnalia says:


vybz099 says:

Sounds Guyanese to me ­čÖé

brittany cuffie says:

GRENADA!!!!!! My home

meame01 says:

Loved it!!

naturalblksista says:

Love it.

GrenadaLovee says:

Greenz ­čśÇ ! Lol. Real Love It .

riane young says:

Wooi ah bad you badd!!! hahaha

StopLabbaLabba says:

lmmfao. real shyt. love my ppl.´╗┐

foreign Goddess says:

Wooooyeee how yuh ah badd suh´╗┐

Keke1980s says:

I’m laughing…so true´╗┐

Keke1980s says:

Laughing @ 2:23 when we Greenz flag feature hahaaaa woeeey´╗┐

Ebony Stone says:

Thats me lol´╗┐

candy bridges says:

He definitely from spice lool luv my Grenadian accent ´╗┐

Bethanee Humes says:

Lol In The Bahamas Grip Is Actually Diarrhea ´╗┐

VIsubby says:

AAAHHHHHHH lmao wuk up en di road lmao!!! Big Chupssssss´╗┐

Melanie R says:

No matter what island they come from, Caribbean people that speak English
have a lot in common…lol.´╗┐

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